TF1 Leg Extension

The most complete leg workout

The duality of this machine is what will make you choose it for your leg workouts.

Strong and comfortable

More effective and safer

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TF3 Multipower and Rack

The most professional equipment for strength training

Robust and safe, this multipower is the key piece for your guided exercises.

Robust and stable

Trains all muscle groups

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TF4 Press and Jaca

Maximising results with a single machine

Press and pull-up maximize your results on a single 100% professional machine.

Ideal for working localised areas (leg and gluteus)

Maximum load of 450 kg

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TF5 Multipress Three functions

Fast pectoral and shoulder muscle growth

Build a strong upper body with the help of the Titanium Multipress.

Ergonomic and robust design

3 amazing machines in 1

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TF6 High Pulley and Rowing

Perfect back training

The professional pull-up and rowing machine ideal for your back workout.

Efficient and versatile design

Intuitive training experience

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TF7 Aperture and Deltoids

Save space and achieve maximum functionality

This machine will make all the difference in your gym, targeting your back shoulder and chest like no other.

Ideal for working localised areas (pectoral and deltoid)

Personalised experience

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TF9 Abductor - Adductor

Get an all-round leg workout

The must-have machine in your gym: perfect duality to work your inner and outer thighs.

Ergonomic design

Maximum comfort and safety

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