Titanium Strength TF9 Inner Outer


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BrandTitanium Strength
Express deliveryNo
Width cms.79.00
Height cms.156.00
Length cms.69.5"
Max Load80 kg (optional 90/100kg)
Weight (lbs)421.00

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Titanium Strength TF9 Inner Outer

Do you want to work your abductors and adductors at home with the same quality and fluidity as in the gym? Then this machine is designed for you!

We present to you the new Titanium STrenght TF9 Inner Outer. With it, you will be able to strengthen both the inside and outside of the legs in a flexible and comfortable way, simply by changing the selectors.

In a single machine, 2 motions! 

Yes, you read that correctly: for a rigorous upper leg workout, simply alternate adduction and abduction movements. 

Moreover, the biomechanics have been designed to focus and isolate the muscles being worked to the maximum and achieve optimum performance.

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Why you should buy the TF9 Inner Outer by Titanium Strength?

Normally when leg training, we tend to focus on the larger muscles and leave out the other, smaller ones that we have to take into account.

Why work the abductors and adductors?

  • Builds stability and a range of motion in the lower extremities
  • Beneficial strength and elasticity
  • The overall better general performance of the legs.

All of this, in total comfort. Thanks to the inclined position of the seat, as well as the pads on both sides, you will be able to do the exercises with a guided load, protecting the lumbar vertebrae and joints, regardless of the intensity of the workout.


  • DIMENSIONS: 30 X 69,6 x 61,4 "
  • WEIGHT: 420 lb in weight 
  • CAPACITY OF LOAD: 156,5 kg (optional 205 lb) 
  • ADJUSTMENTS: Starting position by rotating the leg support. 
  • TRANSMISSION: 0,23" of steel coated PVC cable with a tensile strength of 1984 lb. 
  • GUIDES: Solid steel and double chrome-plated hardening.
  • STRUCTURE: High strength steel tube (3 mm thick) laser cut for greater precision and welded by a robotic process.
  • SEAT AND BACK: High-density imitation leather, sweat-resistant, antibacterial and antiallergic with double padding in models with areas subject to intensive use.
  • FAIRING: resistant and translucent PVC 3 mm thick on both sides of the machine, thus avoiding damage due to contact with the weight plates.
  • GRIPS: Anti-allergic and non-slip neoprene with solid ALUMINUM stops.
  • SUPPORTS: 2.55"thick ergonomic high-density foam with manual bolt mechanism.
  • TRAVEL LIMITER: Different positions with angle and with numbered indicator.
  • PULLEYS: Nylon with an internal bearing and silent operation.
  • PAINTING PROCESS: 3 layers of paint. Pickled and stabilized steel by total immersion of the pieces in different degreasing solutions for antioxidants to guarantee adequate insulation from epoxy-polyester powder paint finishes, dried at 240ºC.
  • DESIGN PROCESS: Study of biomechanics and ergonomics under the supervision of professionals and associated athletes. After a long period of design; From sketching, engineering research, prototype production, testing by professional athletes, our products go on the market.

About Titanium Strength:

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