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Dumbbells – The most versatile fitness equipment in any gym or home gym.  

Dumbbells are the best basis for a good workout since with them you can work absolutely the entire body. In addition, one of its great benefits is that they involve both large muscles groups and stabilizing muscles. This allows you to train globally and analytically.  

You need weights of different sizes and weights to have a complete workout! 

Start with low loads and you will improve without risk of injury thanks to the fiber claim by the nervous system.   

The fact of increasing weight progressively without big jumps will help us improve the strength of small muscles such as: the deltoids, biceps and triceps.  

Dumbbell exercises allow complementary muscles to grow together in strength and prevent muscle groups from developing independently and out of tune.  

Working with dumbbells, therefore will allow us to maintain a greater balance between the pats of the body.  

Our advice? Combine them with an adjustable Titanium Strength bench and train your entire body at home, in high or low repetitions, with more or less load.  

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