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Multipower – Guaranteed Security 

With any of our smiths or multipowers you will be able to perform a variety of vertical or horizontal push or pull exercises. 

It is ideal for beginners who have not yet mastered the stability of the Olympic bar. They also give us the security we need when we exercise with high loads.  

Although the fixed vertical movement may seem a bit limited, it allows us to stimulate many different muscle groups with exercises such as the bench press, squat, lunges, vertical press, rows… This type of machine is a great tool to increase loads and improve technique until you get to work with free weight.  

In addition, all our multipowers have supports to rest the Olympic bar and security systems.  

At Titanium Strength we have different multipower models. Which to choose? 

The differences are marked by the extras, such as the disc storage, the chin-up bar, the lateral, high, low pulleys, the weight by plates or the bicep desks.  

Its infinity of options will convert a gym into a reduced 3m squared. To maximise your training options our advice is to always add a bench, either plain or with a lower body accessory or Scott curl.  

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