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Are you looking for a Multi-station machine that allows you to train the entire upper body?

The Titanium Strength Adjustable Dual Pulley Machine is what you need because:

  • We're talking about a rugged machine that's ideal for strength training.
  • Highly durable components of the highest quality.
  • It is completely customizable.
  • Includes 2 dual 158,73 lb weight stacks, 1 pair of ergonomic handles and straight leg and bar strap.
  • Aligned pull-up bars included.

What does it means?

Well, with this adjustable pulley machine you can perform a complete workout, including abs, biceps, shoulder, back, chest, triceps and lower limb exercises. You can train one side of the body or both sides at once.

In addition, you will be able to train functional and comprehensive exercises that will complete your traditional workout.

And all this with the highest level of personalization: up to 20 different pulley settings!

Why you should buy the Titanium Strength Dual Adjustable Pulley?

Inspired by popular health club models, the Titanium Strength DAP is one machine that allows you to do it all.  

Smartly designed and with countless exercise possibilities and customisation, it’s everything you need to achieve your strength training goals. Featuring Cable Motion technology, it moves the way your body moves so it easily adjusts to your personal needs.   
Building your own training workouts is made very simple with this amazing Dual Adjustable Pulley machine.  Using the two dual weight stacks, you can choose to exercise one side of your body at a time or both sides together.  

With 20 ultra-smooth pulley adjustments on each column too, the result is the ability to perform virtually endless exercises. The Quick Lock cable end attachments ensure efficient attachment switches too, so you can train with minimal disruption.

  • W61,1'' x D81 x H83,4''s, NW 600lb 
  • Multiple Position pullies 
  • Built-in chin up bars 
  • 2 x 160lb/72Kg Cast weight Stacks 
  • Solid construction, feels exceptionally well made and as smooth to operate as some machines that cost more than twice as much

About Titanium Strength:

Leading brand in the sale of equipment and machines for strength and cardio training.

More Information
BrandTitanium Strength
Width cms.168
Weight (lbs)256.000000
Length cms.81
Height cms.212

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  1. 100%
    Perfect assembly!

    Just now I can enjoy this “Dual Adjustable Pulley” at home, which has automatically become one of my favorite machines at my home gym. The assembly was done with the utmost professionalism and I was instantly enjoying my training sessions. Excellence if you are looking for quality!
  2. 100%
    The perfect gift for my gym!

    … And with this one there are already three Titanium Strength machines in my private gym. Highly recommended for its stability and grip when performing any exercise, avoiding injuries. Perfect if you are looking to expand your home gym!
  3. 100%
    New ways to improve your workouts!

    With this complete machine my gym has gained in quality. Being able to perform back, abdominals and countless exercises to exercise the whole body. Don't miss the opportunity to use it.
  4. 100%
    You'd not resist!

    With this adjustable pulley, practicing sports again in a comfortable and practical way is possible. Excellent grip in each session and quality assured. confidence 100x100 in Titanium Strength.
  5. 80%
    The best way to squeeze your workout!

    The machine that has changed my way of living exercise.Thanks to its grip and stability, it makes each session a challenge. The montage was an adventure for me, but I am very happy to have it at home and to be able to make the most of it.
  6. 100%
    The one you need for your gym!

    The quality you were looking for for your workouts thanks to Titanium Strength products. It's like training in your usual gym, but without leaving home. With this type of dual pulleys, it is possible!
  7. 100%
    A must to any gym!

    One of the most used machines in the gym and thanks to its features, it is one of the user's favorites. A Titanium Strength brand quality material.
  8. 80%
    High Quality

    An excellent Multi-station for workouts! Getting the most out of it is possible thanks to all the possibilities offered by this wide machine. Upgrade your routines with the Dual Adjustable Pulley. A must!!
  9. 100%
    Great extensive trainings

    Solid piece of equipment and pulleys run smoothly. Ideal for a semi-pro at-home gym and for daily workouts as you can adjust it with every use.
  10. 100%
    Multiple options of use

    Great pulley machine. Incredibly resistant and robust. Every change of position allows you to exercise a different muscle of your core and you can adapt it to your necessities. Good deal and a good machine

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Discount: -$1,000.00
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